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Female Vocals & Piano MP3

This track is recorded with the 

Thanks to Meri Voskanian 
for singing and playing piano
and Gerhard Wölfle from 
Dorian Gray Studios.
The following RS1 demotracks are only made for recording engineers!
The instruments and singers 
are recorded in all six 
microphone settings direct 
into an A/D converter (Adat), 
without any micpre, limiter, 
compressor, effect or 
anything else, to show the 
true naked signal of the 

We recorded this only to 
demonstrate the different 
colouration of each setting, 
not to show a big sound!

Click to hear a lowresolution      
MP3 version of the demo 

The tracks are also 
available as WAV-files, if you
send us an email.



played by Rainer Oleak


played by Uta Schuetze


played by Mike Mueller


Acoustic guitar 
played by Andreas Koslik
Jazz Guitar 
played by Peter Stapfer
Heavy Guitar 
played by Peter Stapfer
by Kerim Koenig
played by Rainer Oleak


Thanks to:

Mike Mueller

Rainer Oleak

Andreas Koslik and Kerim Koenig 
from Studio Koslik Berlin,

Peter Stapfer and Peter Diezel 
from Diezel Guitar Amplification

Uta.Schuetze & Robert Geiger 
from Steingräber Bayreuth

Sandra for announcements.

Some customers tracks recorded with the RS1: Robert Geiger, Prelude - G-moll op.32 von Rachmaninov (Recorded live) Robert Geiger, Nocturno-DesDur op27 von Chopin (Recorded live)