RS1 multi tube microphone system
The RS1 is something completely new and different.
It is a wild and untamed microphone you never heard 
The RS1 is a handbuilt variable pattern tube condenser 
microphone system with adjustable frequency response 

Working with the RS1 means working in a new way.
Forget everything you know about microphones. 
KS3 tube microphone system
The KS3 is a hand built true pressure transducer with 
an all tube amplifier. 

It is a 1" condenser microphone system with a warm, 
three-dimensional, transparent sound. It has perfect 
impulse and phase response.
VS2 tube microphone system


The VS2 is a hand built single pattern tube condenser 
microphone system.

It has a good cardioid proximity effect and gives a  
naturally and warm sound with an unique clarity and