The VS2 tube microphone system

The VS2 is a hand built tube condenser microphone system with an amazing sound. 
Its entirely new microphone design has been registered for multiple patents. 

A special acoustical feature is the exceedingly thin pure Aluminium diaphragm of the 
cardioid capsule which is 1" in diameter. It gives the VS2 this unique and desirable sound.

It has a good cardioid proximity effect and gives a naturally warm sound with a unique clarity 
and precision.

The VS2 is built to a very high standart.

With a very low self noise of 10 dB-A, more gain can be used without risk of adding noise 
to the final product.

The dynamic range of the VS2 is 126 dB (extended dynamic range is 153 dB SPL), 
allowing reproduction of the full musical expression, without restraint.

This microphone is able to accept sound pressure levels of up to a maximum of 163 dB! 
That means you can record anything with this mic!

The all tube amplifier of this microphone allows for extremely fine reproduction of low level signals 
and low frequency information. Also, long cable runs can be used with no loss of signal quality.  

Similar to the RS1 and the KS3 the output can be either line level or microphone level.  Due to the 
line level output it is not necessary to use a mic pre-amp, but you can use a microphone preamp 
by adjusting the output level. With the gain adjustment in the power supply it is possible to drive line 
level recording equipment or A/D converters directly to ensure the highest quality audio without any 
loss. This unique gain control is accomplished by changing the capsule polarization voltage.   
Changing the gain results in no change in sound.

The VS2 has an integrated shock mount, that makes the mic very easy to handle. You don`t have 
to be afraid of the mic falling out of the mount!  

We only use handselected nonmicrophonic original German made NOS Special Quality longlife 

The capsule is temperature stabilized to make it suitable for outside recordings.  The housing, 
power supply and shock mount are made of solid milled high-grade steel.

The VS2 itself and all important parts of the microphone are all built in Germany! We are proud 
that even the entire capsule is designed and produced in our laboratory.  

There is a 5 year warranty.

Quality is hearable - trust your ears and check this microphone!

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