Attaching An External Microphone to A Mobile Device

The thing about a smartphone is that while they are the gadgets that are the most technologically evolving today, their audio is not always regarded as the best. The main problem with the smartphone is not in the way the technology works, but it is in terms of how it is designed that the sound is terrible. The network design also has a role to play in the audio shortcomings. For those who wish to record using their smartphones and mobiles, when you use an external mic, these problems can be avoided entirely. While the smartphone can never give you the same outcome as a digital recorder that is handheld, it can at least work well once you have an external mic.

Recording Audio Through USB

Some advantages come with recording through the USB. The good thing is that the sound that you record will be digital and not analogue, which is a big plus. The audio circuitry of the phone is bypassed, and the quality of the music that is recorded is better than even CD recording. Some mobiles today have a USB host port. Therefore, it is easy to plug in a USB powered mic to be used. There are some excellent microphones like the Apogee MiC which provides studio-quality sound recording on your smartphone through the USB feature. Other good ones you can buy online are the Yeti USB mic or the eXtreme one. The best smartphone for recording sound using the USB feature is the HTC One M8.

Microphone Jack Recording

If you choose to use the microphone jack, then you will need a jack-plug. The jack plug is the one that has three rings on the tip. It is excellent at making four connections, and one of them is for the mic. The plugs are called Tip Ring Sleeve plus in technical terms. You have to be clear on which type of sound you want to record, i.e., if you wish to it in stereo or mono and choose the plug accordingly as you will need the TRRS for mono recording and TRS for stereo recording. Each mobile phone has a different type of TRRS plug that is compatible with it. However, Nokia phones and Lumia phones are ones that have the right connections you need.

The HTC phones and some of the other smartphone devices have their own specifications that are similar to that of the Nokia GSM version. Get the right type of mic you are after for the device you have, and you would be sorted. Information about the connectable microphone specs is usually available on the website of your phone manufacturer. There is a wide range of mics that are available for this purpose. The Apple smartphone works really well with the iMic, and the Rode Smartlav is excellent for other android devices. If you have a Samsung, Google, LG a Huawei or a Sony then you can confidently buy the IK Multimedia iRig as it is now compatible with an extensive range of smartphones.