Best Microphones used in Online Gaming and Live Streaming

Microphones have been around for ages. When mics were first introduced back in 1876, they were mainly used for radio. Once technology advanced, microphones began being used in everyday life. Mics started being used in bands, television broadcasting, baby monitors, and tape recordings, just to name a few. Today, mics are used for a variety of different reasons, such as podcasting, live streaming game playing on Mixer, and there are also dealer mics that are used when playing at online casinos. Pokerstars casino, one of the most popular online, offers live casino games where the dealer uses cameras and microphones to communicate with players. GamingMicrophones are also used by gamers to communicate with their opponents when using consoles such as Xbox and Playstation. Microphones have come such a long way and play a major role when it comes to online gaming and live streaming. Here are the best microphones used in this industry.

Blue Yeti

The Blue Yeti microphone is one of the best microphones out, not just for gaming, but for also for podcasting and television. It has top of the line audio quality for its price and has a wide variety of features and controls. This mic features a built-in headphone jack that allows you to hear exactly what the mic hears, without a delay. You’re also able to control the headphone volume right from the front of the Yeti. The Blue Yeti also has a gain control that allows you to change the sensitivity of the mic, itself. You’re also given the ability to change the pickup pattern, which controls where the microphone picks up sound. As you can see, this mic gives you tons of options.

Razer Seiren Elite

One of the reasons that this Razer is such a great pick for gaming and live streaming is that it is less likely to pick up any background noise, so your audience gets a much better listening experience than if you were to go with another mic. The mic features a high-pass filter that reduces super low frequencies which only improves the sound quality. There is a gain control knob to adjust how loud your voice is and a volume knob to adjust how loud your headphones are. Another great feature of this Razer is there is a one-touch mute button that changes from green to red so there is no doubt about whether or not you are muted. One thing that stands out about this microphone is that there is a light that runs around the middle of the mic that lights up red when you are speaking too loud. That really comes in handy. This is a great option if you love cool features and are looking for dependability.

Audio-Technica AT2020USB Plus

Condenser microphoneThis mic is a cardioid condenser, which includes a pop-filter to avoid really loud sounds. It also includes a headphone jack and mix control. This is a very sturdy microphone, as it has an all metal build. It produces excellent sound for a great price and has proven to be one of the best mics around for gaming. The AT2020USB Plus comes with a stand, ring mount with threaded adapter for stands, USB cable, and a carrying case.


Just like the mic mentioned above, this one is also a cardioid condenser. Its mix control allows you to blend the game sound and your voice with its balance, source output, and microphone input. This microphone is compatible with the Apple iPad and iPhone when paired with the camera connection kit. The Rode NT-USB sounds amazing right out of the box and doesn’t need much processing at all to sound its best, which is perfect for gaming because when live streaming you don’t have the ability to do much processing. This mic is also very sensitive and will pick up background noise, which isn’t always a good thing. It’s a good idea to keep the gain levels as low as possible. If you pair this mic with the Rode SMR Shock Mount, you can reduce unwanted sound for a better experience.

Samson G-Track Pro

This microphone is a condenser mic, so its specialty is capturing what’s in front of it and rejecting the back and sides, which is perfect for gaming. It features a “polar pattern switch” that allows you to change how it picks up sound. The G-Track Pro has unparalleled sound quality, where you have a higher-end resolution recording. You also have gain control on the mic if you need to adjust your voice level at the last minute, as well as headphone volume knob if you plug your phone directly into the mic itself. This microphone really stands out in the gaming world and is one of the best USB microphones out at the moment.