The Benefits of Cordless Microphones

Cordless microphones have been around for a very long time, actually they were invented way back in 1957 by the boffins of San Jose State College. Although many artists performing on the stage and broadcasting agencies did not really take the cordless microphone seriously until around the mid-seventies. Sometimes known as a radio microphone, the new technology gave several advantages to the user over the old cable version. The microphone works by having a small transmitter in the body of the mike, which transmits the audio through sound waves to a receiver. The transmitter can use UHF or VHF frequencies, although some versions use infrared light to transmit.

The Benefits of a Cordless Microphone

The Benefits of a Cordless MicrophoneThe biggest noticeable difference between a cordless and an old-style microphone is obvious, there is no cable. This allows the person using the mike to roam about freely and not be restricted by the length of a cable. But there are far more benefits than just being restricted to where you can and cannot go whilst broadcasting. Below are listed many benefits associated with cordless microphones.

No Restriction of Movement

Using a cordless microphone allows the user to be unimpeded when performing. If a public narrator or a singer in the band is using this technology then they have total roaming freedom of the stage or area. This allows to get in close with the audience with no loss of the quality of sound. And the artists or speaker can do this completely aware that they are not going to trip on a cable and have any embarrassing moments. Indeed, when other band members or fellow speakers are performing at the same time then there will be no problems with the leads getting intertwined, thus allowing the whole band, cast etc. roam freely around the stage.

An Uncluttered Stage

When performing live either on or off camera before a live audience then the less cables that can be seen the better. If the audience has their view impeded by a nest of cables this does not give a very good experience, it not only hampers the view but can distract them from the performance.


Using cables can bring one more disadvantage, the cable does deteriorate with wear and tear and in extreme cases the wires can get frayed and cause a short circuit. Thus, maintenance of cables must be taken out frequently and the cables need replacing fairly often with constant use. Not only is this expensive but it could lead to a very embarrassing moment on stage if the microphone becomes disconnected from the amplifier.

Ease of Use

The final benefit of a cordless microphone is that it is simple to use, the mike is light in the hand with no heavy cable connected, so the distance between the mouth and the microphone can be easily adjusted for simple but effective volume control. This gives a vocalist the opportunity to use different effects without any specialized equipment. The cordless microphone has enhanced performances of not only singers, but news broadcasters, interviewers, public speakers and a whole raft of other professions. It has also enhanced audience enjoyment by being able to see and hear better.