The Best Microphone Manufacturers

If you are a musician, then your choice of equipment is really important to you, obviously famous guitarists will swear that their favorite guitar is the best in the world. But if you are a vocalist, things are a little different, it is your own voice making the music. However, how your audience hears your voice rather depends of what microphone you are using. In this blog we look at the best microphones and manufacturers that are currently on the market.

Shure SM58

One of the most popular and famous microphones in the world today is the Shure SM58. Shure manufacture some of the best microphones the world over and have been used by a multitude of stars as well as up and coming musicians. Firstly, this microphone is a reasonable price and for a travelling band the mic is hardy, it will survive being dropped. Technically the frequency response is good at 50-15 kHz with a midrange that according to Shure has been brightened. This means it is especially good for vocals, but can be used with acoustic guitars and on piano strings.

Sennheiser E835

Extremely well known for their headphones, Sennheiser also make really good microphones. The E835 is one of their very best. This mic comes with a really heavy metal exterior which dampens noise and terrific to combat every vocalist’s nightmare, feedback! Designed for stage work it can be used in recording at home, it comes complete with clip and a pouch.

Blue enCORE 100

Becoming a real alternative to Sennheiser and Shure, Blue microphones are getting quite a reputation for themselves. More famous for computer USB microphones this particular model has superb quality, and great for vocals due to the balanced highs. The build quality is also of very high caliber and Blue are making a big statement with this microphone and laying the gauntlet down to the big boys.

The Audio-Technica ATR2100

This is a new concept to concert microphones, as it has USB connectivity. This turns many musicians away from the product as they feel it is purely for the gamers and computer nerds. It can also be connected via XLR and there is a headphone outlet built directly into the mic, so all in all more suited to a desktop than anything else, probably for home recording.

Behringer XM8500

The final microphone is in the budget variety and offers great value for money, you do not get the same level of materials or build quality from this Behringer as say the Shure but by the same token you are not getting bargain basement quality either. For the cost there is a great quality of sound especially in mid-range, and there is a good filter with shock mount system. It probably will not be the standard required for concert halls, but if you are looking for a first-class karaoke microphone, then this fits the bill nicely.

These microphones offer a great variety of quality and price, it all comes down to application and what you want a mic for. If you are going down to the pub to sing some karaoke, then the Behringer is a smart choice. But if you are playing at a festival than the Shure SM58 is the recommended selection.