The Best Microphones for Stage Performers

Is every microphone the same? Are there different types of microphones that are better for certain jobs than others? Our quest in this blog is to look at the stage performer and to investigate the best microphones for live performances.

Live Performances

One of the most magical and memorable events is to see an artist live in concert, live music to many people is the best form there is. However, it is not possible to play acoustically and sing in acapella in many concert halls and expect to be heard. But if you use the correct microphone, it will give your voice or instrument the power it needs to be heard by the whole audience and not those just at the front near the stage. There are several options to consider regarding microphones and there is definitely one type that will serve you best.

How to Choose the Best Microphone

There are several factors to bear in mind when you are choosing your microphone and here are the most pertinent.

  • What’s Your Budget – microphones are not the most expensive pieces of equipment; stage mics are much cheaper than studio recording ones. So, your budget does not have to be too high.
  • Which is the Best Type? – the recommendation here is a dynamic microphone, some artists do use condenser mics, but the former are much better for sound pressure levels (SPL’s) and have a wider range of pickup. Thus, less distortion which all live artists want.
  • What are using the Microphone For? – if you are using the mic for vocals, then select one with a high SPL, you might want to consider something different for drums or guitar.
  • Wireless or Wired? – there was a time that wireless microphones had many problems, but not so now. Although there are pros and cons for both options, the recommended choice is wireless.

What Is the Best Live Microphone

The best microphone to use live on vocals is a dynamic microphone, and one manufacturer has been the leading developer on this type of microphone and that has been Shure microphones. You need not pay an extortionate amount of money for a really good mic, roughly $100 should cover it and it will be wireless. This type of microphone will be good for anything from pop artists to rappers and everything in between as well as speechmakers. Many dynamic microphones are ideal for vocals as they are heightened to give excellent mid-range as well as bass roll off, which means the bass is augmented the closer you are to the mic. Not only vocals benefit from a dynamic microphone, they are great for acoustic guitars and for piano strings. Perhaps these types of mics work better the closer they are to the mouth but they do also have filters to block out unwanted noise.

Microphones are a highly personal piece of technical equipment and some work better for different types of voices than others. The best way to choose exactly which one you should select is to try a few out, rent a couple for random gigs and pick the most suitable one.