The Right Microphones for Rappers to Choose

The Right Microphones for Rappers to Choose
The Right Microphones for Rappers to Choose

When you make rap music, the most prominent component is your voice. When you record a rap song, you will need to have a microphone that is best suited to your voice. Various microphones can receive words better than other ones. You get to decide what microphone you will be using for your raps. Without the internet, you would have to look through and pick between a variety of options for microphones. But thanks to the internet, people with experience rapping can share what microphones work best for them. This article will list exceptional microphones for rap that you can buy. Different voices work best with different microphones. The microphones will also range in price and the features they come with installed. The list will also not contain USB microphones since they are not suitable for music production. Do your best to avoid USB microphones.

Audio-Technica AT2020

This microphone is praised by many rappers from every corner of the world. This microphone is the best when it comes to a lot of things, like the price value, sound quality, and durability. The microphone is excellent due to how it is built. It has a wide polar pattern, which makes rap vocals effortlessly picked up by the microphone. It only costs under a hundred dollars, and it is worth the price. The AT2020 microphone is entirely made with metal, and its quality is excellent. Its purpose is to record voice, mainly.

Rode NT1A

This microphone comes with a shock mount and a pop shield. So it is convenient to buy it if you do not have any of those yet. The microphone does not have much self-noise, which is an advantage over many other microphones. It is said to be the microphone that reaches the lowest self-noise out of many microphones. The self-noise it generates is at the level of 5dBA. A low self-noise means that when you are working, it will make less noise. The less noise means that it is exceptional at recording vocals, which means lyrics will be recorded better.

MXL 770

This microphone is a fantastic choice if your voice is in the bass range of voices. It is an inexpensive microphone, and it records every single aspect of your voice. It can pick up the low end up to the high end. If you usually hear your voice and it is nasally or high-pitched, then this microphone will be an excellent fit for you. The reason your voice sounds like that can sometimes be because of your microphone. The microphone’s manufacturer specially mentioned rappers in the description of the microphone on their site. It means that the microphone was targeted to and made for rap vocals.

AKG Pro Audio C214

This microphone is the absolute best one you can buy that costs under five hundred dollars. There is a high-pass filter that is integrated into the microphone. It is excellent when recording vocals for rap. It makes you have to do one less thing when you are mixing the song later on. Although, the microphone may sound tinny or metallic, which makes the sounds of the letters S and P pop out more.